Residential Condominium Management Services

Property Management

  • Collection, deposit and disbursement of funds
  • Annual operating and reserve budgeting and expense control
  • Files and record keeping
  • Capital improvements
  • 24-hour emergency support system
  • Council and annual meeting preparation
  • Rules and Regulations enforcement
  • Attend Council and General Meetings
  • Ensure legal & procedural requirements at meetings are met
  • Inspections of the common areas
  • Handle owner enquiries and repair requests
  • Hiring and supervision of employees
  • Supervision of contractors working on the property
  • Coordination of building and grounds maintenance
  • Arranging all other contractual services
  • Arranging for the purchase of equipment and supplies
  • Preparation of the annual budget
  • Receive and respond to correspondence with Owners
  • Ensure that By-laws are enforced
  • Arrange for review of By-laws and register amendments
  • Prepare management updates to Council
  • Arrange for property appraisal and review of building insurance
  • File and finalize insurance claims
  • Maintain 24 hour emergency response

Facility Management

  • Site inspections
  • Energy conservation
  • Building maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Snow removal and sanding
  • Trash removal and recycling
  • Clubhouse, pool and recreation facility maintenance
  • Housekeeping review

Administrative Services

  • Levy fines and liens against delinquent owners as per Council instruction
  • Maintain a registry of all owners
  • Introductory welcome package to new owners
  • Maintain registry of rented suites and Form K's
  • Prepare and circulate minutes of meetings
  • Prepare and circulate notices and correspondence with owners
  • Process form F and B requests
  • Act as the Corporation's registered office and maintain:
    • Minute Book
    • Registered By-law's
    • All other Corporation files
  • Maintain all administrative records as required under the Strata Property Act of British Columbia

Financial Services

  • Receive, record and deposit maintenance fees, fines and other charges
  • Pay all invoices
  • Work orders control all repair and service requests
  • Provide all payroll services and make necessary CPP, EI and WCB remittances
  • Maintain bank accounts and prepare bank reconciliations
  • Provide monthly Operating Statements including:
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income Statement
    • General Ledger detail report
    • Arrears Report
    • Photocopies of paid invoices
    • Bank Statements and reconciliation
  • Maintain all accounting records as required under the Strata Property Act of British Columbia

2695 Granville St, Suite 210
Vancouver, BC
V6H 3H4

T: 604.682.5611
F: 604.682.5614